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Dear Valued Customers,

Imagine a loved one waking up to see one of our 7 ft. personalized display boards with nearly 25-30 individual pieces scattered throughout their yard. The look of excitement on their faces will say it all. Ordering one of our unique, 360 degree viewable signs can make this happen. From birthdays and retirements, to anniversaries, births, graduations, sport announcements, homecoming and prom proposals, and anything in between. Allow us to be a part of your special day! 

Back in 1999, we created our first yard sign for a family friend. After hearing that neighbors and bystanders raved about our signs, we got the idea to start Memories by the Yard. Since then, our family has been dedicated to helping make lasting memories for your loved ones.


Call now to order yours! In order to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with our service, orders are only taken over the phone. We are anxious to help you create a memory that will last a lifetime. 


The Menci Family


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