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These signs are more unique than you think. Along with the individual pieces that fill the recipient's yard, the seven foot board that comes along with it has two blank lines at the top. There are two lines that can fit up to 24 characters, including spaces to personalize a saying of your choice! The display is put together and in the recipient's yard between four and six in the morning and requires no outside work from the buyer or the recipient. It is then taken down later that night. The cost for renting one of these displays is $75.00 plus tax. 

As if the birth of a new baby isn't exciting enough, get the mom a gift she can keep forever! Normally after a rental has ran out the entire display is taken down, however, with a stork sign the mother of the baby gets to keep the baby hanging from the stork's mouth as a keep sake. The stork display includes a 7ft stork and a few individual signs that go along with it in the yard, the stork holds a baby in a bundle from its mouth with the baby's date of birth, first and middle name, and its weight. The stork display also stays in the yard for five days. Stork rentals run $85.00 plus tax.

*We have done business events in the past, so if you need to make some noise and grab some attention, give us a call!

Hope your birthday is sweet!

Celebrate a birthday with excitement in a loved ones yard.


New born baby? Help welcome them into the world with a stork sign where the mother gets to keep the baby hanging from the stork's mouth after the rental is over.


Make a retirement even more exciting and memorable.

Hats off to the grad!

Graduations are huge milestones for high school and college students. Let them know how proud you are of them.

With Love

Make a special day even more special. We have also done prom and homecoming proposals!


Let your troop know how much they were missed!!

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